LOGROLLERS.COM is a place to learn more about the incredible sport of logrolling.  I have been involved in the sport since I was a child, following in the very quick footsteps of my world champion mother, as a competitor, sibling of world champions, teacher, coach, and promoter of the sport.  

Logrolling is a pure and simple sport, requiring very little equipment except a log and shoes.  As a sparring sport, it has all of the drama of a boxing match, minus the violence.  The fact that it takes place in water, and the loser ends up wet, adds to the excitement! 

Logrolling is difficult to do (it’s as easy as falling off a log) but much safer than people imagine.  And its historical roots, from the great log drives of the 1800’s, adds to its appeal.

I encourage you to surf LOGROLLERS.COM to learn more about this great American water sport, and my journey in it.  Contact me if you have any questions, at all!



Welcome to the Wonderful World of LOGROLLERS.COM

Abby Hoeschler